Research and Evaluation

Focusing on community based and educational research we use a participatory approach to ensure that the design and methods used meet the needs and get the results that  are desired. We are experts in family and community engagement and will help you work through the inquiry or evaluation process while involving those most important to the process.

Community-Based and Educational Research

Community based research is:

  • Community situated –  We begin with a research topic that is relevant to the community and carried out in the community.
  • Collaborative -We work with community stakeholders and share in the design, implementation and dissemination of the research.
  • Action-oriented – We ensure that the process and findings are useful and can be used by community stakeholders and community members to make positive social change and promote social equity.

Educational research:

  • An organized method to asking, answering, and reporting on a question – We work with all stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, and senior admin, to help design and implement projects that benefit students, parents, and staff.

Program Evaluation

Program evaluation is a systematic method for collecting, analyzing and using information to answer questions, especially about effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Needs Assessments – We can help you understand your landscape and understand what your community or organization needs.
  • Logic Models – We can help you graphically demonstrate the relationships between resources, activities, outputs, and outcomes in your program.
  • Process Evaluation – We can help you explore the implementation of the processes of your program, and to better understand your program and process activities.
  • Outcome Evaluation – We can help you understand the overall effects of outcomes of your program in relation to the objectives you intended to observe.

Whatever your evaluation needs, we can work with you to develop the best evaluation design, and implement your evaluation. Our tailor-made reports

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