Need a training curriculum researched, designed, and developed, or simply need someone to assist with delivering your training program in an interactive and effective way?

  • Instructional Design – We will work with you to understand your training needs and desired outcomes. With your guidance will will create international instructional design experiences and resources that are effective at transferring knowledge, skills, and are adaptable to participant’s needs.
  • Training – We deliver our training programs using adult education methods and techniques. This encourages participants to understand training materials and incorporate and enhance their own experiences.
  • Train-the-Trainer – We will work with you to design your training program and the materials and resources required to train your trainers to be successful. We work with potential trainers to identify strengths and areas of need in their own facilitation skills leading to more confident and effective trainers.
  • Evaluation – We will help you evaluate the training session and identify areas for potential improvement. We will also help you with ongoing evaluation of your participant’s progress. We will work with you on all of your evaluation needs.

We are bored by run of the mill training experiences and will work you to develop dynamic training experiences.


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